Daddy's girl!

Daddy's girl!
One of my favorites!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guitar Hero!

We played Guitar Hero for the first time with our good friends Frank and Martha.  It was a lot of fun.  We really had to pay attention it moves pretty fast.  Ralph got through his song the first time!  Me on the other hand got kicked off the stage for doing a horrible job.  More like dragged because I kept trying and trying to get through just one song.  

Monday, June 2, 2008

Denver Zoo

We were able to go to the Zoo with our beautiful nieces and Ralph's sister Rosemary while visiting in Denver. Here are some of the pictures. The last picture I had to take I have only ever seen this in Utah so it seemed so out of place along with all the wild life WILD HAIR! Known as BIG HAIR!!! Tease enough?

Journey to TEXAS!!!

We started off our long journey to Texas with visiting my handsome nephew Lucas in Portland. He's still posing for his Auntie! Then we continued on to Salt Lake to see my BFF Andrea and her CUTE!!! brother Landen. We also got to see Baby Juliet for the first time. She is so beautiful! Then on to Denver to visit with Ralph's sister Rosemary and her lovely family. We got to go hang out and play with our two adorable nieces. Check them out in their Princess outfits. They were so much fun!