Daddy's girl!

Daddy's girl!
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

LIttle Brother!!!

I'm going to be a Big Sister! I can't wait to meet my little brother!
    • Christie Cox Luellen Coming June 25!!!
      February 8 at 11:24pm · · 2
    • Amber Gallagher congratulations....
      February 8 at 11:25pm ·
    • Tori Williams Sandberg Woohoo!!! Yeah, I thought it was a boy!! Congratulations!!!
      February 8 at 11:25pm ·
    • Linda Katnic Brandfors Congrats! Wow sooo happy for you. ; )
      February 8 at 11:29pm ·
    • Katrell Redhouse Congratulations Christie!
      February 8 at 11:29pm ·
    • Kimberly Mecham Wow! I can't believe how fast she is growing! Congrats on your lil' man!!! :- I'm so happy for you!
      February 8 at 11:29pm ·
    • Kimberly Studeman Jimenez Wahoo!
      February 8 at 11:34pm ·
    • JoeyandAlyssa Aguada Yay. What are you going to name him?
      February 8 at 11:43pm ·
    • Janice Wallace-Barth That is great news!!! Congratulations :)
      Thursday at 12:05am ·
    • Angela Pace A boy?! Awesome! ... I guessed wrong though. June 25th, that's Gregs bday :)
      Thursday at 12:07am ·
    • Eileen DeMars so happy for you all!!!!!!!!!
      Thursday at 12:29am ·
    • Lisa Tomlinson Perfection!
      Thursday at 12:31am ·
    • Melissa Gulley I knew it! Yahoo!
      Thursday at 1:41am ·
    • Marilyn Arbogast Oh, that is so wonderful Christie! You deserve all the happiness possible.
      Thursday at 1:51am ·
    • Audra Bentz Congrats to you!!!
      Thursday at 2:18am ·
    • Faith Auld Congratulations to you guys!
      Thursday at 4:34am ·
    • Krysta Pemberton Awesome, congrats!!! How on earth did you keep it secret this long?!
      Thursday at 5:55am ·
    • Cari Russell Hancock Woohoo!
      Thursday at 6:33am ·
    • Kathy Cox Gresham I am sooo happy for yall!!! I can't wait to meet my great nephew!! Looking forward to seeing u a Joeys wedding!! I wish you were bringing Jessica. Justin would love to see her too. They bonded!!
      Thursday at 7:17am ·
    • Rebecca Soto Yeh!!!!!! I know Ralph must be soooooo happy!!!!!! ♥
      Thursday at 8:31am ·
    • Nikki Rymer So happy for your family...pssst....i guessed right!
      Thursday at 8:33am ·
    • Amy Newman oh yes she is....but the real question is are you ready for two small ones at home at the same time
      Thursday at 8:54am ·
    • Karin Arnold Congradulations:) so happy for u!
      Thursday at 9:38am ·
    • Eugennie Schilling-Bednarz Congratulations!!
      Thursday at 9:59am ·
    • Cassandra Mosley Congratulations
      Thursday at 10:53am ·
    • Kelly Johnson Melville See? The magic 8 ball never lies. Congratulations!
      Thursday at 1:52pm ·
    • Linda Rae Garkow-Davis I'm so excited for you and Ralph. What a blessing. I wouldn't know what to do with a boy. Miss J is so cute.
      Thursday at 2:03pm ·
    • Ronda Brimhall Congratulations!
      Thursday at 3:12pm ·
    • Christy Irons Nelson Yay! Congrats!
      Friday at 3:40am ·
    • Danette Thomas This needs a LOVE button! Congrats!
      Friday at 12:43pm ·
    • Lynda Hjelm That is awesome. A future scouter!!!!
      Friday at 7:32pm ·
    • Amy Larsen Yay!! I am so happy for you and Ralph!
      Friday at 7:36pm ·