Daddy's girl!

Daddy's girl!
One of my favorites!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time with Family

So I have been up to Washington and Oregon again hanging out with family. Ralph's brother John and his family came up to help surprise Linda for her 60th birthday. They haven't been to Washington for 10 years. I got to spend so much time with them and I loved it. We went up to Canada for a few days and did LOTS of other things. (I can't remember everything it seemed like we were always on the go) I really wished I got to see them way more than once a year at most. And more than just a day or two(that's all the time we seem to have when we visit them in San Diego).  The first is a picture of all of John's beautiful family.  Then Joshua I told you he had amazing eyes! Watch out girls when he gets older.  Then princess Jenna.   We played makeup much to daddy's detesting it.  Then there's Jared my new best friend!  He's keeping me young and up to date on the latest.  I kept trying to get John to give me one of his children. Even the teenager!  He wouldn't even discuss it with me.  I don't blame him or Elena.  They have incredibly fun and loving children.  I wouldn't let them go either.  Then the last picture is of our return back in to the US. 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girls day!

The celebration continues!  Linda (my mother-in-law) had never had a pedicure.  Well the sister-in-laws took care of that. (Heather, Elena and me) We're all married to the sons of the family.  We had a great time!  And even convinced Grandma to get her nails done too. Can you tell whose toes belong to whom?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My friend Susan was born in this hospital and I told her I would go by and take some pictures.  So here it is Sue Brew! It is mostly used for offices these days.

HAPPY HOUR! Sonic style!

Another thing to like about Texas!  SONIC!!!  They have happy hour every day between the hours of 2pm-4pm.  So their slush drink and a couple of others are 1/2 off.  Making my small drink .60 some cents and the medium .74 cents.  Who wouldn't want one everyday.  So my friend Lynda told me to try the Lemon-berry slush.  I am HOOKED!  I want one everyday.  Which is ok since there are 2 within a 4 mile radius.  4 miles to the right and the other one is about 1 1/2 miles to the left.  As you can see I have my back up in the freezer just in case I want one and can't make it or if it's Sunday.  I learned this from Lynda's husband Rick.  He has good ideas!!!  He just does it with Wendy's frosty.  So if anyone else has suggestions on things to try I'm game.   Ralph is hooked on the chocolate malts.  

Monday, July 14, 2008

Driving Range with my Sweetheart!

School has been a bit taxing on Ralph lately and this is one of his favorite hobbies and outlets.  So we went and hit some balls and just had some fun hanging out.  He was giving me some pointers since it's been awhile (almost a year) since I have been golfing.  I golf in a tournament for our old Stake every summer.  It's a lot of fun.  I'm thinking I will probably have more chances to practice and golf here.  Since I don't like golfing in the rain or cold.  And that doesn't seem to be a problem here.  We were at the range at 8 o'clock at night.   There are golf courses  every where.  Even one right down the street from our house.  No wonder Ralph didn't mind the location of our house. =)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

House in TEXAS!

So this is our house in San Antonio!  Come for a visit we would love it! (as a true southerner would say Come on down ya'll!) Anyways I had to show you my favorite room of the whole house!  MY CLOSET!!!  I was trying to take a picture of my closet that did it some justice but I didn't think you could grasp just how big I think it is.  Most of you know I'm pretty tall.  Well I can't touch the walls in either direction.  It's not Oprah's closet but it's all mine! =)  I teasingly asked if I didn't fill it if I could buy more clothes.  Which I love and shoes(if you couldn't tell).  If you husband start to give you a hard time about your shoes you can share this with them if it helps your cause.  I will post more pictures as I empty out the other boxes in our house.  Oh yeah Moose decided to join me in the picture!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lucas Update!!

Stop Auntie enough pictures already!!!  Lucas has double in size since he first arrive just over 4 months ago.  He is tipping the scales at 16 lbs. He is starting to get very active.  He loves being in his ExerSaucer.  He is a very happy baby.  I got to spend the whole day watching him before I left for Texas.  His regular nanny (grandma) took the day off to head up to Tacoma to visit friends for the 4th.  We went and surprised my sister for lunch.  And showed Lucas off to her co-workers.  What can I say I love this little guy!